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User Feedback for Org#559 2nd Chance Animal Shelter, Inc.

Rating:Date: 2007-10-29 14:00:49User: tammyall
Comments: I have been in this shelter two times; both times talking to two different women. One women was so rude talking about how people take care of the animals they find and she made me feel like no one was good enough to adopt animals. The shelter itself is in bad condition and smells awful. I believe they lack the staff to keep cages (all to small)clean. Today I found two stray kittens that I am unable to keep. Second Chance is the only adoption shelter in the area and when I went to ask if they would take them the woman I spoke to was extremly rude, and beligerant. She refused the cats stating that something is going around the shelter and the cats would die if I left them there.. some shelter! I then asked if she knew of anyplace to take the kittens and she said "Not Here, go to boise" (Over and hour away) and shut the door in my face. They are incredibly over-priced for the poor conditon the animals are in, and I feel bad for anything left in that place. So much for these kittens "second chance". -Signed in disgust