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Keeping Your Pet Safe at Halloween


When you think of Halloween, you probably think of tricks and treats, ghosts, goblins, devils, witches and ..... black cats. Unfortunately, black cats get an undeserved bad rap, especially at this time of year.

Many pets find Halloween a frightening experience, and for some pets (like black cats), it can even turn deadly. At Halloween, pets are often the innocent victims of pranksters cruel tricks. We strongly suggest that pets be kept indoors and isolated from the holiday commotion.

Some suggestions for making Halloween a safe and stress-free holiday for your pets.

  • For the safety of all concerned, please resist the temptation to send your pet trick-or-treating with the kids.

  • If you (the adult) do take your pets trick or treating along with your children. Please make them visible with brightly colored costumes, reflective tape attached to their collar or a reflective vest that will have them stand out as well as keep them warm if you live an area that cools down at night.

  • Cats have a particular danger attached to them on Halloween, especially black cats like our Tabitha but not excluding regular Tabbies. Pranksters can be deadly to our pets on this holiday.

  • Seclude your pets in a quiet room away from Halloween activities. This will ensure that they won't panic and escape when bell-ringing trick-or-treaters arrive, nor will they become threatened or aggressive at the sight of ghosts and goblins.

  • Have your Halloween candy out of the reach of your pet, putting the candy in a cauldron on the floor looks great - but the moment you turn around most dogs will be in it.

  • Have your own bowl of healthy doggie treats available; discourage well meaning visitors from giving your pets treats.

  • Keep all candy, especially chocolate which can be fatal to animals, safely away from pets.

  • Candy wrappers, chocolate in tin foil, and cellophane swallowed by your pet, can cause blockage in the intestines, leading to fatal results.

  • Too much sugar can be as harmful to pets as it is for children, if an accident occurs contact your vet or the A.S.P.C.A. Poison Control Center (888)426-4435

  • Holiday food, alcoholic beverages, fatty table scraps and bones can also be harmful or toxic to your pets.

  • Restrict your pet's access to all decorations: jack-o-lanterns are harmless --- it's the candles inside,  wires that can be chewed, plastic and glass that could cause damage to their mouths

  • Cover or pin down electrical cords, especially from playful Houdini-like kittens.

  • Costumes: many but not all dogs and cats allow their families to dress them up, if you must have them as greeters PLEASE CHOOSE THEIR COSTUMES WITH  CARE.

  • Costumes must not constrict their movement, or their ability to see, hear or breathe. Dogs in costume must be free to bark. No part of the costume should be hanging off that could be chewed off and choked on.

  • Updating your pet's ID tag with a reward offered on it should your pet run or sneak outside to investigate noise or commotion.

  • Glow in the dark collars can be added, at little cost.

  • Microchips can implanted. They are harmless to your pet and relatively inexpensive - but can mean a quick and safe return of your pet if they are picked up by authorities.

Please also beware; This alarming story about pets swallowing Halloween cobweb decorations...

If you have any other great Halloween Pet Pictures you would like to share, please e-mail them to us!!


If you're in the mood, be sure and visit our Halloween site


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Page Updated: Tuesday March 08, 2011