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Holidays Hazards for Your Pets

Holidays bring lots of excitement and activity to many households.

To make this special time of year safe for your pets, please remember these holiday hazards!

  • While chocolate is a favorite holiday treat for people, please don't share it with your dog or cat - it can make them quite sick. Lean turkey meat is a delicacy which pets enjoy, but beware of sharp bones which can splinter and cause them serious health problems.
  • Poinsettia plants are beautiful to look at, but a poisonous temptation to pets who can't resist nibbling on them.
  • Christmas trees have many tempting and attractive features for a chewing pup or kitten - tinsel or ribbon in your pet's stomach can be deadly - as can biting on the wires attached to Christmas tree lights.
  • If you keep your tree in a holder with water, please don't add chemicals which pets may drink.
  • Special warnings for Halloween Pet Safety!

Chocolate can be dangerous for pets

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Page Updated: Thursday September 27, 2007