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Save a Life! Adopt a Pet-Directory.Com
Helping to unite loving families with homeless animals...



Adopt a Pet's Objectives:

  • To help match up displaced animals with loving homes
  • To help pet owners locate a local rescue or shelter in the event a pet has to be given up
  • Be the authoritative directory for animal shelters on the Internet and thus a resource for those looking for a 4-legged addition to their family
  • Provide information and guidance to those seeking to adopt animals, or whom have already adopted animals
  • Be an important resource to shelter and animal welfare groups
  • Be a resource for people looking to make a contribution (be that time, money, or love) to help animals
  • Educate pet guardians to reduce the number of unplanned animal births by sterilizing their pets . For every person in the United States there are 7 pets who need homes

Who we are: is run by a group of volunteers, in our spare time. We collect no fees from any of the groups we list, nor do we have any affiliation with any of the groups we list. We do generate ad revenues from the ads and some affiliate links placed on our website; and we donate a portion of these revenues every month to animal shelters and rescues via volunteers working on behalf of those organizations who research and submit additional organizations to our directory. Since we began the volunteer entry program in 2006, we have donated over $9,000 to animal shelters and rescues.

How we got started: was started in march 1996 and began as an effort to assist one of our local animal shelters. We gathered information on animal adoption and care, and published pictures and descriptions of the specific animals the shelter had available for adoption. As that shelter grew and developed their own web presence, we branched out and decided to become a resource for animal shelters and advocacy groups all over the world.

We originally owned the domain "" - but were approached by the 1800-save-a-pet people in 2008 and agreed to sell them our domain; since then we moved all our content to the domain.

Linking to us:

We appreciate (but don't require) return links from any animal shelter or advocacy organization. For help and logos to use when linking back to us, check out our Link To Us page.

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If you need assistance or have a question, you can email us at webmaster at We're volunteers too but we'll make every effort to respond as soon as possible.


Page Updated: Saturday March 12, 2011