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What to do if your pet is lost

To have the best chance of finding your pet - do the following:

  1. Visit ALL of your local shelters every two or three days. Many times a pet will be lost near its home, but it will be turned in at another shelter. Keep in mind that many shelters can only keep found pets for a few days before they are forced to euthanize them! So time is critical.
  2. CALL as soon as your pet is lost and leave a "Lost Pet Report" with all area shelters:
    Call the shelters regularly until your pet is found. People will often feed a stray animal for a while hoping it will find its way home. Weeks may pass before a "found pet" is reported or brought in to a shelter.
  3. Go door to door in your neighborhood to see if anyone has seen your pet, also ask your newspaper delivery person and your mail person.
  4. Put up "Lost Pet" signs in your neighborhood
  5. Place "Lost Pet" reports in the newspapers. Read the newspaper "Found Reports" every day.

Online Resources to consult:

Resource Name Description
Online database of lost dogs
Online form to report a lost pet
Flealess Market
Flealess Market's Lost Pets International
Lost and Found
A worldwide Lost and Found directory of pets.
Lost Dog Database
Lost dogs in the United States, found dogs listed daily
Worldwide listings of missing and found pets
Missing Pet Network
Lost and Found listings by state, sponsored by the USDA Animal Care Office.
National Pet Recovery
Includes "The Pet Detective's Guide to Finding a Lost or Stolen Pet"
Online search of animals listed in animal shelters around the US
Pet Detective
Listings of lost dogs and cats

Page Updated: Saturday July 12, 2008