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Helping to unite loving families with homeless animals.

 Removing an inactive organization from the directory:

We welcome all submissions to our online directory. Any animal shelter, hospital, rescue, or advocacy group is welcome. We do NOT list any for-profit organizations (other than hospitals) or organizations that breed or 'sell' animals.

If your organization appears in our directory but is no longer active:

Most of the organizations in our directory were entered by volunteers who researched and entered organizations so it's entirely possible that one of the volunteers entered the organization without anyone from your organization having been involved. To be authorized to update the entry yourself you need only register using any of the email addresses listed for the organization on our site. Once you've done that you'll automatically be able to edit entries associated with your email address.

To keep your organization from being added again by some other well-meaning volunteer that doesn't know you're no longer operating, we suggest that the entry be left in the directory - but remove the physical/mailing address, website, and other contact information from the entry. In the comments/description area add a note saying that this organization is no longer in operation.


  • If the email addresses listed for your organization in the listing are not correct or you don't have access to them, then do the following:

  1. Locate your organization in the directory and note the "org#" in the listing

  2. Register under whatever email address you have available

  3. Send us an email (to webmaster @ ) and include the following items:

    1. Your name and the name of your organization

    2. The email address you used to register

    3. The org# of your entry in the directory ***without this we can't properly identify your organization in the listings

    4. Let us know you want to be able to edit that entry; we'll make the necessary adjustments to set you up.

    5. or - Let us know you want the entry updated and we'll do that for you as well.

Click here to register now if you want to edit the entry yourself.


Page Updated: Tuesday March 08, 2011