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Animal Overpopulation:
Are You Guilty????

Millions of unwanted and homeless cats are born in our country each year. During the peak of the kitten season -- from late April to September -- pounds and humane shelters kill unwanted and abandoned cats at the rate of over ONE PER MINUTE. Others less fortunate are left to wander -- easy prey for larger animals, easy targets for automobiles and easy marks for cruelty. If they do survive these hazards and the elements, they soon attain maturity and bring forth five or six kittens, mostly females, to continue this vicious cycle. Every cat owner whose pet is unspayed or unneutered, and allowed to roam, must bear the guilt for the terrible overpopulation. Remember: One female cat's cumulative offspring in ten years could total over 80 million!!!!

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Page Updated: Tuesday March 08, 2011