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Save a Life! Adopt a Pet-Directory.Com
Helping to unite loving families with homeless animals...

Tips for Animal Shelters to better leverage your website:

  • Make the important information easy to find - hours, location, specifications. Expedia and Mapquest make it easy for you to provide links to maps and driving directions.

  • Make accepting donations as simple and easy as possible.

  • If you have the personnel/resources necessary, frequently updated material (especially information on specific animals available) will bring visitors back.

  • Trade links with other shelters in your area; "relevant" web site links help increase your rankings in search engine results and can provide a viable alternate source to a potential animal adopter that located the other shelter.

  • Locate all the online shelter and animal directories you can, and be sure your shelter is listed.

  • Keep a mailing list of site supporters and animal adopters and e-mail them with information on special events.

  • Look to affiliate programs to generate some income from your website. By providing links to the affiliate site or specific products from your website, you can get a percentage of any sales from the visitors you refer;

Page Updated: Tuesday March 08, 2011