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Save a Life! Adopt a Pet-Directory.Com
Helping to unite loving families with homeless animals...

What's New at


  • We're Back; More updates and new features

    • We've updated and cleaned up most of the site. If you had trouble figuring out how to register or log in before, we now have included much more "help" on our pages. You'll also find links to our email address throughout in case you need extra help (webmaster at

    • No-Kill searches available! See the search criteria box at the upper right of any shelter listing page for the "No Kill" selection criteria.
      Note that an organization's designation of "no kill" may not always be accurate; in most cases "no kill" organizations avoid euthanizing healthy animals but may occasionally have to put down very sick or un-adoptable animals; as always if you have questions about the policies of a particular organization please contact them directly. While we make every effort to include accurate information in our directory, conditions vary so please don't count on this designation without verifying it first.

  • We're Moving! But we're not going away! (July 2008)

    • moved to!

      Recently we began talking with our friends over at, which is North America's largest non-profit pet adoption website and toll free phone service. has over 5,000 animal shelters and humane societies actively posting pets for adoption; a half million people a month searching to adopt. Together we realized that if had a simpler name they could be even more effective in their growth which involves publicity and other advertising efforts. has significantly more resources than we do at (we are just a part-time out of the basement operation).

      Together we decided that could continue to work effectively if we are reached at, and will transition to the name By working together in this way, both organizations feel we can better serve both the animal shelters and the homeless pets who need us so much.

      As we transition to the new domain over the next several weeks, you'll be able to access the site via either or As soon as the transition is complete though we'll only be accessible at our new home - Please visit the new site and update your bookmarks.

      All the same content will remain; the worldwide animal shelter/rescue directory, the chat forums, our email lists, and all the other resources we provide; only the domain name will be different. Those who have registered to update the online directory will not need to re-register either; simply visit the NEW url and update any old bookmarks.


  • Adopt A Pet Heroes Newsletter Archive (September 2007)

    • In case you missed one of our earlier newsletters, you can now view them online in the "Publications" area of the site. All issues (past and present) are available online for viewing at any time.


  • Now recording "Owner Surrenders" (May 2007)

    • Though our primary focus is still to help people locate animals to adopt, our directory now records those sites that accept "owner surrenders". Since this is a new addition, most organizations in the directory don't yet have this information recorded. As time goes on though we will make this a searchable field, so those pet owners forced to give up their pets for whatever reason, will be able to more easily locate a local facility that will accept your pet and find it a "forever home".

  • More Searchable animal types (May 2007)

    • In addition to the long available ability to list only organizations that deal with dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, or horses; we have now added the ability to also selectively list only those organizations that deal with birds and reptiles. See the white "selection box" in the upper right hand corner of any directory listing page.

  • Record your feedback! (April 2007)

    • Over the years we've gotten lots of email comments about some of the organizations in the directory; now it's your chance to share those thoughts with others! Next to every entry in the directory you'll now see a feedback/rating. Any one can register and leave feedback about any organization in the directory - comments plus a 1 to 4 "paw" rating. Average ratings for each listing are displayed on the right side of the listing, along with a link to view the comments that have been left - and a [Submit Feedback] link where you can leave your own comments. Help out others looking to adopt a new forever pet by adding feedback for those outstanding organizations -- as well as those that people should be wary of. 

  • More Countries (April 2007)

  • Enhanced Directory Listings (April 2007)

    • We've adjusted the format of the directory listings on the site. Animal type icons were moved below the entry text; cleaning up the right-side box for non-profit, facility, and donation related items. We think the new format is easier on the eyes and helps when scanning the lists.

    • Camera icons were added next to the links to view adoptable animals as well - to help bring attention to those important links.

    • We added new selection/filter criteria to the directory; you can now select (in addition to the previous dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and horses) bird and reptile hosting organizations! See the white selection box in the upper right of every directory page.

  • New and Improved Registration Process (March 2007)

    • We've been doing a lot of work on the "innards" of the site and the first evidence of that is the new registration process. Now anyone that would like to submit an organization to the directory can register through an online automated process. Once registered, you can add the entry to our directory, and you will also be able to make CHANGES to that entry later should any information change!

  • Paws On Parade -Springfield Days (June 2006)

    • A fun time was had at the annual Springfield Days Parade this year in our home town of Springfield Virginia. Leading the parade was "Paws on Parade", an assortment of local dogs and their owners. Catherine and I escorted Norton, who was a little shy at first, but had a wonderful time and made lots of new friends by the end of the parade. [photo gallery coming soon].

  • Infrastructure Upgrades (February 2006)

    • We've been making several behind-the-scenes changes at in the past month to help us keep up with greatly increased traffic on the website and the increasing size of our shelter directory database. Both the primary web server itself and our Internet connection have gone through major upgrades to make out site more responsive and still keep up with an ever increasing demand.

  • AltaVista Babel Fish Translator (January 2006)

    • We added the option to translate any web page on our site to any of several languages. Look at the bottom of the menu-bar on the left side of every page; you'll see the AltaVista translator box. Click on a flag to translate the current page into that language!

  • Google Maps of Shelters (November 2005)

    • We've removed the Google Maps option since Google now charges us for every map impression. Sorry.


  • We're Updating! (August 2005)

    • We've added an automated form where shelter affiliates can submit their shelter's information directly! Simply fill in the blanks and submit it. We get notified immediately and after a quick review we'll approve it to appear in the online directory. Submit a shelter here.

    • We're migrating our shelter directory from individual HTML pages, to a server-resident database. We're moving a US state at a time; you'll recognize the new format and we think you'll find it easier to navigate, and more informative. As part of the conversion, we're standardizing the information we track for shelters and other organizations, and adding lots of new information (map links, donation links, specific animal types handled per facility, and much more. After the conversion is complete, we'll also be enabling advanced search features - to make it even easier to locate a shelter or organization near you!
      For examples of the new format, check out some of the first states we migrated; Virginia, Utah, North Dakota, Nevada; and our Canadian and Australian listings!

  • It's now easier to link to us... (May 2005)

    • For those of you who have asked for link information for (and those of you who might consider it) we've added a new page with details on how to link to us and several attractive logos you can copy as well. Reciprocal links are a powerful tool in increasing your site's search engine ranking - and is consistently in the top 10 Google rankings for our targeted keywords! Click here for link details!

  • We're still working hard! We've just implemented a new e-mail list for "Friends of" (May 2005)

    • Visit our email subscription page and sign up to stay informed of the new features we'll be launching on the website. We won't spam you, bother you with frequent messages, or EVER provide your email address to anyone else!

  • Assistance for Animal Shelters and Groups (April 2005)

    • Notice our new topic area (left side panel) where we now list groups that support Animal Shelters and other Animal advocacy groups. Organizations that help route donations to these charities, and generally help them setup and operate are listed there.

  • Publications (April 2005)

    • Another new addition to our site is the "Publications" area, where we post articles and videos related to pet adoption and ownership, animal shelters, and animal advocacy which gracious readers have contributed. Be sure to check out the very touching video documentary "Born to Die"!

  • Special Animal Projects and Missions (April 2005)

    • We've split out a special area just for special animal projects. Sites and groups dedicated to saving special animal groups are listed in this area.

Page Updated: Monday April 11, 2011